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Venous Ulcerations

A venous ulceration is a shallow sore that typically appears on the lower part of the leg, usually around the ankle. The sore is a result of blood pooling in a vein of the leg, due to faulty vein valves that no longer promote healthy blood flow from the leg to the heart. When this condition, known as chronic venous insufficiency, remains untreated, skin ulcers can be one of the serious complications that develop. Venous ulcerations can be challenging to eliminate, and may return if they are not addressed with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Signs of Venous Ulcerations

Venous ulcerations are characterized by their location, which is commonly on the inner leg just above the ankle. They first develop as a red or purple area that becomes dry, itchy or flaky. The sore is irregularly shaped, with swelling and discoloration visible in the surrounding skin. The sore may be covered with yellow tissue, and may include discharge if an infection is already present. Venous ulcerations are often quite painful, with swelling, heaviness in the legs and cramping, particularly after long periods of standing or sitting.

Treatment of Venous Ulcerations

The cause of the venous ulceration must be addressed first, to prevent future sores from forming. Closure or removal of varicose veins may be the first step in restoring health blood flow to the area. In addition, compression stockings may be prescribed to promote blood flow and healing.

Other options in treatment for these skin sores include:

  • Topical dressings, including topical antibiotics to promote healing
  • Oral antibiotics to eliminate bacteria that interfere with healing process
  • Surgical procedures to eliminate infected tissue and bone
  • Growth factors administered to promote new skin cell production and healing

The earlier a venous ulceration is addressed, the more effective treatment is likely to be. If you have a sore on your lower leg that has not responded to home treatment, contact Specialty Vein Care to learn more about what our professional staff can do to help.