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Venaseal Closure Procedure

Venaseal Closure is the newest and successfully approved minimally invasive treatment for venous insufficiency. The office procedure utilizes medical adhesive to close the desired vein. This decades old process has been performed successfully for other medical diagnoses, and now has been proven to be extraordinarily effective for the treatment varicose veins and venous insufficiency. As with Radiofrequency Ablation, blood is re-routed through healthy veins immediately upon completion of the Venaseal Closure procedure. Recovery time is even quicker with this procedure, with return to all activities and work within one day.

What To Expect

Local anesthetic is used by Dr. Frasca during this procedure in his office. Medical adhesive is administered into the vein through a very fine positioned catheter. Upon completion, the catheter is removed and the vein is closed. Typical procedure time is less than one hour and patients walk out of the office with only a band-aid dressing. Compression stockings are not required afterwards, and all activity, including aerobic, can be resumed within one day.


Symptoms may be relieved immediately, with full results seen soon after treatment. Similar to Radiofrequency Ablation, success rates are as high as 94 percent one year after the procedure. An individual plan of care developed by Dr. Frasca and discussed with each patient ahead of time, will outline the need for other closure treatments or perhaps sclerotherapy to achieve full medical and cosmetic results.

Venaseal Closure and Radiofrequency Ablation are proven minimally invasive office procedures with outstanding records for elimination of varicose vein for medical reasons. There is NO reason for anyone to continue to be bothered by the pain, aching, itching or embarrassment caused by varicose veins. Please contact Specialty Vein Care to learn more and start your treatment today!