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Color Duplex Ultrasound Exams

Diagnosing and treating vein conditions requires a range of innovative diagnostic tools and treatment options. One of the most effective diagnostic tools available to physicians today is the color ultrasound duplex exam. The advantage to color ultrasound is that it allows the doctor to gauge blood flow within veins to diagnose specific conditions and prescribe the most effective treatment options.

Color ultrasound duplex exams are a non-invasive way for a physician to get an interior picture of a patient’s veins. The exam takes place in the physician’s office, using a small wand called a transducer. The transducer passes over the surface of the skin, sending sound waves that bounce off objects like blood cells. As the blood cells move, they create changes in sound waves that can be processed into pictures demonstrating blood flow.

Color ultrasound duplex exams can be used to diagnose the following vein conditions:

If you are suffering with a vein condition, the team at Specialty Vein Care can help. Through innovative diagnostic tools like color ultrasound duplex exams, we can accurately diagnose a wide range of vein diseases and conditions. We will also prescribe and administer the most effective treatment plan for your specific needs. Contact Specialty Vein Care to get more information or schedule a consultation today.